When you are a single dad raising a family, you need to pay attention to so many things before starting a job. Two important characteristics of a job for single dads are flexibility and salary. While some companies are more flexible as compared to the others, they still require you to spend so much out and away from your kids. More and more people are now going for work-from-home jobs to earn money and to look after their family in the best way possible.

While it makes sense to start a work-from-home job to earn money without having to go out of your home, it is not always that simple. The reason is that so many scammers are now also active, always ready to take advantage of your situation. It is therefore of immense importance to learn how to identify legitimate work-from-home job opportunities.

Here are some tips to help you make a good decision:

  • Do not always trust jobs you find through sponsored links or Google ads. They are rarely legitimate.
  • Do not trust a job when there is little or no detail about the type of work they want you to do.
  • Do not trust a site unless you find usable contact information at the bottom. Legitimate companies have real contact info with phone number. Contact them to know more about the jobs they are offering.
  • Do not always trust jobs where employers use high-pressure tactics and want you make a quick decision about applying for the job. Use your common sense and ask, “What’s the hurry?”
  • Do not trust job opportunities that look too good to be true. Online work pays but the pay is not always that pretty for newcomers.

Again be WARY of scams. You’ll sometimes see jobs such as ‘get paid to fill out surveys’ advertised online. These are usually scam jobs that require you to PAY money. If such jobs are not scams, the pay is likely low, far lower than you as a citizen of the US, Canada, or the UK, will be willing to work for.

It is usually about using your common sense and spotting what does not look natural. Legitimate online job opportunities are definitely available, but you may have to search hard for them. The good thing is that after some experience you will eventually be in a position to make right choices. Here are some highly impressive work-from-home jobs that will help you supplement your income while taking right care of your kids as a single dad.

Best Work at Home Jobs for Single Dads (That Actually Pay Something)

Here are the legit jobs we can actually recommend you dads who want to a) work from home and b) supplement your existing income. In some cases, you may be able to earn a full time income, though this may take some time to build up experience and clients on your part (so don’t quite your day job JUST yet).

1. Sell Crafts Online

If you are good at making something or have a creative craft, you can always sell it online. One great place to get started is Etsy. You can create nice stuff, promote it through different online channels, get orders, and complete them. PayPal is always there to get paid for your orders. The market for handcrafted items is growing at an incredible pace, so why not take advantage of that when you can.

2. Start a Blog

If you have knowledge about certain subjects, consider sharing it with the world through blogging. You can event start a blog on parenting and tell people how it feels to be a single dad and how they can handle things better. Sharing gorgeous pictures of your babies can add a personal touch to your blog and make it work even better. Just set up a blog and market it on websites such as Pinterest, Craftgawker, or Foodgawker to earn money through it.

3. Teach an Instrument

You do not need to leave your home and your kids to be a teacher. You can now do it from the comfort of your own home with an internet connection of course. You can deliver online lessons and start real-time chat to explain how to play an instrument better. You can even find job opportunities on Craigslist and make students come to your house for lessons.

4. Be a Teacher

You cannot just teach how to play an instrument, but you can also be a regular tutor and help students with different subjects, including physics, chemistry, math, etc. If English is your native language, you can even help students from foreign countries learn it. Your job will involve working with a student who requires additional help – you usually work for 30 minutes over Skype or the internet to earn money. You can set a time and deliver lectures without having to go out of your home. You can however turn one of your rooms into a classroom to make things look more professional. You can join some sites as a tutor and use their technology and resources such as online whiteboards, cams, etc., to deliver lectures in real-time.

5. Notarize Official Documents

This can be yet another interesting and lucrative gig. This requires a training course to enable you to notarize mortgage, loan, and other official documents, but the job is flexible enough to allow you to spend more time with your kids.

6. Offer Home Massage Services

You can get certified as a massage therapist and start a work-from-home business of your own. You will have to invest some money to get specialized equipment such a steam machine or massage table, but you can offer your services without having to leave your kids at home under someone else’s supervision.

7. Be a Customer Service Agent

Many companies are now on the lookout for experienced and hardworking customer service agents. You may need some training but you can always answer the phone at home. You may have to provide administrative support with data processing or paperwork, or you may have to work directly with clients to help resolve any issue they are facing. Many customer service rep jobs pay you anywhere between $8 and $15 per hour, which is definitely a great start.

8. Evaluate Search Engines

More than 85% of online surfers look for things by using Google and other search engines. These search engines try to bring the most accurate search results considering the keywords a searcher enters. As a search engine evaluator it is your job to ensure that search engines get it right every time. You will have to rate the results that show up in search engines against a particular keyword – this simple looking job can help you earn anywhere between $10 and $15 per hour.

9. Be a Data Entry Worker

When you cannot sell a craft, be a tutor, or have other skills, you can still be a data entry worker. You do not need serious skills for this because all you have to do is enter specific information into computer programs. Having a high-speed internet connection and good typing speed will help you enter data quickly and earn more money as a result. Just keep in mind that data entry jobs are usually the easiest, but they are the cheapest as well.

10. Be a Transcriber

One interesting work-from-home job opportunity is to work as a transcriber or transcriptionist. Your job will be to listen to audio recordings, which could be college lectures, interviews, or even court hearings, and then type them into a document. If you manage to secure one such job, you may end up making $16 or more an hour.

11. Be a Translator

Do you know more than one language? You can use this skill to earn money from home. There are jobs requiring you to use your skills to translate a document from one language to another. It is important to have a good understanding of both languages to be able to translate in a way that the original meaning stays intact.

12. Be a Magazine Writer

With good writing skills, you can always make good money online. You can start writing for magazines and earn anywhere between $50 and $100 per article. The price usually depends on magazines you are writing for, but you will still be able to get good money for your hard work.

13. Take a Survey

Just like data entry jobs, you can find many companies requiring you to give your feedback to help them improve their products and services. These jobs are quite easily available, but there are scams too. Depending on companies, you may end up making anywhere between $1 and $50 per survey.

14. Be a Corporate English Trainer

The job can help you earn up to $15 an hour and you can secure it if you are a native English speaker with basic computer skills. All you have to do is work with students in Korea, Japan, France, and other non-English speaking countries and help them hone their English speaking skills. You can start a chat online or communicate over the phone to teach students how to make professional small talk and convey their message properly.

15. Make and Post How-To Videos

You can work with many online companies that require you to make how-to videos and upload them on different channels. You can even make money by uploading interesting videos on YouTube and join their partner program to earn money. It is possible to earn up to $2 per 1,000 hits, so pay attention to making an interesting video to increase your chances of earning more money.

16. Be a Senior Medical Writer

Senior medical writers are enjoying an impressive demand these days. You will find so many healthcare-related companies including pharmaceutical companies and medical publishers who require you to review medical information edit other medical writers’ work, write documents, and work with senior management to complete projects in a timely manner. You can earn up to #115,000 through these jobs.

17. Worm as a Software Engineer

When you have the degree, knowledge, and experience in developing software, you can earn up to $160,000 without having to leave your kids at home. Software development can help single-dads make enough money to raise their kids without having to face any financial issue. Your job may require you to design, develop, and run software programs, manage a team of software engineers, oversee related projects, debug software, and troubleshoot technical issues.

18. Be an Audit Manager

You can earn up to $110,000 working as an audit manager. You will be responsible for operational and financial audits for clients and companies. Your job responsibilities may include planning, leading, and executing internal audits. You will also have to document audit-related info and work with stakeholders to help them understand the impact of the audit.

19. Be a Web Designer/Developer

Information technology is the most popular sector when it comes to finding the best work-from-home jobs. Singe dads with knowledge of coding and designing can find many online web designing and development jobs. You may have to create new websites, modify templates, update codes, and give usability reviews. To build websites from the ground up, you should have ample knowledge of CSS, and html. You will also have to write code from scratch. Knowledge about search engine optimization is important because it determines how visible a site will be in search engines, which will have an impact on its success. Many web designers make in excess of #175,000 a year.

20. Be a Commission Based Online Reseller

If you are good at selling things, you can put your skills to use and sell stuff online. You will be selling other people’s products to get a commission. Sites like eBay, Facebook Yard Sales, and Craigslist are great for selling used items online.

21. Write for Content Mills

If you know how to make words talk loudly, you can always find more than enough opportunities online to earn money. One simple way is to write for content mills, which are platforms where clients can come and request specific articles on different topics. Content mills sometimes do not offer high rates, but they can promise a consistent stream of work. The more you write, the higher the chances of you making more money.

22. Article Freelancer

Along the lines of writing for the content mill in #21, the difference is that you go must go to online job portals such as freelancer.com, elance.com and such then specifically bid on writing jobs. Many of the jobs are specifically to write articles for websites. There is a huge demand for such content and as long as you are a competent writer (i.e. you speak and write fluent English and your level of writing is good enough where you can actually produce a good article about any topic given), you can make a decent part time living as a freelance article writer. If you build up a list of clients, you can even turn this into a FULL time job as well.

The Final Word

The fact of the matter is that it definitely makes sense to start a work-from-home job when you are a single dad and do not want anyone else to take care of your kids while you are out trying to earn some money. With some experience, you will be able to find a job good enough to make a living out of it. Just be wary of work-from-home scams and never pay any money upfront for promised future employment. Understand that you are offering your services, so you are the one who should get paid, and not the other way round.