Government grants refers to the money that is available from the government to all citizens of the US. Among these grants, there are several grants allocated for different purposes. There are grants for building houses, there are grants for studying, and there are grants for many other purposes. There are several people who are always looking to get that extra financial help either from the government or from other sources.

Many of these people are usually not aware that they may be qualified to receive government grants. Single fathers have great difficulty in taking care of their own needs and they also have to look after their kids. This usually becomes a problem for single fathers because they have difficulty in finding the money that they need in order to pursue higher education. College grants are available for single fathers from various government sources as well as independent financial institutions.

Where does grant money come from?

Many people do not know where the government gets grants to provide to people as grants. Government grants are essentially taxpayers’ money and every taxpayer or every citizen in the US is eligible to receive government grants if they meet the specified criteria.

Having said that, there are no specific ‘grants for single fathers’ thrown out there by the government. There are grants you can get, regardless of being a single father, based on what you need the money for (education say) or to start a small business in a certain sector, or for fixing up your home. However, there are no single father grant categories, I’m sorry to say.

The good new here is that if you want a grant, the easiest and most likely grant you will get is a federal grant for education called the Pell Grant. The bad news is that it won’t cover your entire education costs (you get at most about $5,000 a year) and it can only be used for your education costs.

Education & College Grants: The Options

Here’s a list of the major categories of grant funding you can find for college.

The Federal Pell Grant

By far the easiest ‘grants’ to get would be federal grants for education, such as the Pell Grant. You can apply for this grant by filling out the FAFSA application which puts you in for financial aid for school. This grant is given out to ALL students who qualify based on need. But the money can only be used for your education costs, not as a general spend as you will amount.

In order to avail of these college grants, the person will need to apply. You first need to fill out the FAFSA. This puts you in the running for the Pell Grant and may give you access to other grants by your college and other non profits. .

Non-Profit Grants

The next step, after your FAFSA has been processed and you have qualified for financial aid is to actually apply for various grants. Regrettably, no one is going to just hand you grants automatically. You will need to seek out a list of grants you qualify (or may qualify for) and start sending out applications.

These grants are given out by non profit foundations, education institutions, and other such non-governmental organizations.

You can find such grants via scholarships and grant searching websites. You can also hit up your local college financial aid office and get a list of active grants to apply for there.

Private Grants

Another area to look at when applying for college grants are grants given out by businesses. For example, if you are an employee of MacDonald’s, you can apply for an educational scholarship. Many of the larger corporations to offer scholarships / grants to their workers should that worker want to go to school and make an application. If you work for a large corporation, it’s worth looking to see if such a program is offered.

Other grants might be offered by businesses or websites and made available to everyone with a few ‘winners’ chosen every year. These are usually a publicity stint or a means for the business to get a tax write off, but it’s worth seeing what you can find.

Finding these types of grants will take some searching on your part. You are best off looking at a dedicated scholarship / grant search website to find these programs.

How to Qualify for Education Grants

Note that while anyone can apply for a grant but if you do not fit the criteria, you are wasting your time.

In order to receive a grant, one must fulfill all the criteria that are required for the grant. There may be hundreds of people who are applying for the same grant as a result the chances of receiving the grant reduce. However, if the application is completely filled and all the required fields are filled correctly, then, the chances of receiving the grant considerably increase. If the application is not completely filled or if any part of the application is incorrect, then, there are chances that the application may not be taken further.

The process is not difficult, but you have to make sure that you do fill out all requirements in order to receive a grant. If you neglect to fulfill a portion of the requirements, your application is not looked at. This is one of the factors as to why people give up and pursuing the college grant or any kind of grant.