Your life turns upside down when you are a single dad trying to manage money, time, and personal relationships. Things become even worse when you do not have enough money to make things work. You will be in a catch-22 situation – give more time to your kids and you will have less money to spend, but you will have no time for your kids if you get a second job to make ends meet. There is a better solution though – start a small business or choose to work from home over the internet to earn some money while being around your little ones.

Here are some interesting suggestions for single dads looking for a way to supplement their income.

1. Real Estate Business

Real estate business is never an easy career path but it is definitely among the best for single dads. You are perfect for this business if you are personable and have some sales skill as well. State licensing does not have to be very expensive but the profit margin can be quite impressive. The business works best for singe dads because it allows them to schedule appointments considering their other responsibilities. Spend some time learning the ins and outs of real estate business by working with a real estate professional in your area. You can also go for real estate appraisal and home inspection to improve your chances of making good money, but you will need intense education to go for these two fields of expertise.

2. Gardening Business

Herb farms are growing in popularity and you can consider starting this business as well. Herbal teas, medicinal herbs, herbs for candles and aromatherapy, culinary herbs; the options are many. Flowers used to scent potpourri, candles, soap, and fragrant concoctions do not require more than a few square feet of space. You can even grow your ‘products’ in your kitchen. While this business can be quite productive, you need a solid working knowledge of herbs to make things count. If you possess enough knowledge about gardening, you can even consider becoming a gardening teacher and offer seminars in community colleges, local nurseries, or even in your backyard.

3. Freelance Writing

Do you take yourself as a good writer? Do you think you can use words to stimulate people’s imagination? You can always pursue freelance writing as a way to earn extra cash. As a writer, you will get a chance to write on diverse topics, from buying an RV to horse training and everything in between. You can start writing on subjects you like and know well. You can also choose to be a ghostwriter and write for websites, bloggers, and everyone else to earn some money. You can even write e-books if you find that interesting – these gigs pay more and are often interesting too. Just get a website in place and you are all set to run your freelance writing business. Keep in mind that you may not be able to earn as much as you would like in the beginning – the competition is fierce and it takes time to establish yourself as a good freelance writer. While you should expect a reasonable price in the beginning, just do not write for peanuts or you will lose your spark. You can always ask for better rates once you have a portfolio to show.

4. Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, you have to design informational pamphlets, flyers, product catalogs, and ads. You may also need to keep in touch with publishers or printers to know the best choice of cover stocks, papers, and printing processes for your assignment. You can market your services to publishing companies, ad agencies, corporations, small magazines, individual entrepreneurs, and product manufacturers. Keep in mind that you do not just need good designing skills to run your graphic design business successfully but listening to your clients and giving them exactly what they want makes all the difference.

5. Grant Writing Business

If you know what it takes to write a winning grant, you may find enough opportunities to make a living out of this business. You can work as a full- or part-time development officer, independent contractor, or even freelancer. You can even find a number of categories of funding for you – the most common are general operating grants, project grants, restricted grants, endowment grants, matching grants, startup funding, and challenge grants. You do not usually need certification if you choose to write for nonprofits.

6. Medical Billing Business

Medical billing is the process used by doctors to receive payment for their services from health insurance companies, and you can facilitate them throughout the process. While it definitely needs some training, it can definitely be one lucrative business idea for single dads. It involves offering invoicing, coding, and collection services to a variety of health-care facilities. You can get certified by taking up an online course or enrolling in schools with medical billing programs.

7. Music for Kids

You can put your music skills to use to make a living out of it. Since music is an essential part of early childhood development, you can always find opportunities to work at kindergartens, daycares, and preschools. Schedule a performance and let school principals, tears, or directors know how good you really are. The key is to interact with kids with your music.

8. Personal Chef

As a single dad, you may have been cooking food for your little ones for quite some time. If you think you are already a good cook, why not use your skills to earn some money. You can market yourself as a personal chef to anyone. It is a good idea to develop a working knowledge of nutrition. You also need to have organizational skills and an understanding of health regulations, safe food handling practices, and product liability laws.

9. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

If you are an animal lover, you can always opt for this business and make money. In this business, you will have the opportunity to play with other people’s pet and still get some money in return. While cats and dogs are the most common pets, you may also get requests to take care of hamsters, rabbits, tropical fish, and birds.

10. Website Consultant

It seems that everyone today wants a website to show their skills or run a business online. If you know what makes websites work online, you can always earn a good amount of money without having to leave your kids. You can offer all sorts of services from hosting domain names and managing content to optimizing content for the internet. You will have to learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO) first to make things work. It is also important to have knowledge of banners, links, and affiliate programs to improve your income.

These are some highly impressive and exciting ways to supplement your income and get enough money to raise your kids without having to deal with any financial problem. However, many other work-from-home jobs and businesses may help supplement your income.

11. Create Money Making Websites / Niche Marketing

This is an interesting idea that many people pursue as a hobby, part time job, or in some cases, a full time job. The limit on how much you make depends on a) how much you are willing to work b) the type of websites you create c) how much traffic you can drive to your site and d) how you make money from your websites.

The premise here is simple: create a website (or multiple websites), acquire traffic, then make money from that traffic. It may take lots of hard work on your part and in many cases, months to years, but if you can build a thriving website, it is possible to make moneyfrom that. In some cases, a lot of money. You can make money via Adsense,, Affiliate Programs, ecommerce, creating and selling your own product, and even digital products (ebooks, etc).

12. Childcare business

You can consider going into this field because there is always a constant need for quality childcare providers and you can get a certificate for childcare with trained at a reasonable cost. You will also get a chance to be around like-minded, child-loving people.

13. Technical Support Specialist

Your job will be to ensure that computer systems are working flawlessly. You will also have to resolve technical problems and train workers as well. It is possible for technical support specialists to work from home and earn in excess of $60,000.

14. Artist

Turn your talent into a business. You can easily turn your talent for sewing, jewelry, painting, or any other artistic endeavor into a business.

15. Bookkeeper

You can choose to be a bookkeeping freelancer. You may have to use online accounting software to manage accounts. You may not get as much as a full-time bookkeeper but it will still help.

16. Career or Life Coach

People always find them in confusion when life throws different challenges their way. You can help them make the best choices and tell them how to go through the rough patches.

17. Event Planner

If you love parties and know how to throw the best ones, you can always help others arrange their events with your party prowess. You can even offer your services for corporate and business events.

18. Fitness Trainer

You can start a home gym or train people in their homes to make some money. It is even possible to offer online classes through video chat.

All these business ideas work great and help you earn some extra cash, but you can always make a choice considering what you love to do and what exactly you are good at. It all comes down to what you do to leave your clients satisfied. It may take some time to establish your name but once you do, it becomes easier to make it more profitable. So, keep working hard!