In today’s world, it is very difficult to get any kind of financial help. Due to the recession of recent years, there has been great loss of jobs and inflation. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to get scholarship for earning a college education.

Many students drop out of college for various reasons. One of the main reasons that students drop out of college is because of the lack of finance. This essentially forces student to drop out of college to look for work. More often than not, the students would really like to pursue their higher studies rather than to work. But due to the lack of finance, they are forced to quit.

In order to get scholarships for higher studies there are several criteria that students must meet.

And not all students will be able to fulfill the requirement to get the scholarships. Colleges usually have high standards for the requirements from the students which is why many students do not get scholarships from colleges.

Sometimes in order to continue their studies students opt for online education. Online education is good in one way because it is cheaper and affordable and also it enables students to get a degree. Another good reason for online education is that it gives flexibility of time so that the student may have enough time for his work as well studies.

Let’s talk what sort of programs are out there. Legit ones.


We break grant aid down into three parts: federal school grants, institution grants, private grants, and non-school grants (business, car, housing, low income assistance etc).

Government Grants for Dads

Higher education is very important because at work if you don’t have the qualification than there are chances that the overlooked for promotion. Higher education is not always affordable.

For this reason, the government provides financial help in the form of government grants. Government grants are free money that you receive from the government as a taxpayer. This money does not have to be repaid to the government at all. Most people are unaware of the existence of government grants. This lack of unawareness is why most people do not get government grants.

Government grants for school are available in the form of scholarships and other forms of financial aid for college, nursing scholarships, scholarships for single parents, scholarships for dads, and many other things. These are just some of the ways in which government grants are available for educational purposes.

What legit grants can you get as a dad? Well there are a number of federal grants that you get access to WHEN you apply for financial aid with the government FAFSA application.

Applying with the FAFSA gives you access to the following grant programs:

Federal Pell Grant: gives you a maximum of $5775 USD as of the 2015 / 2016 school year AND given to every eligible student

FSEOG Grants: gives you a maximum of $4000 USD a year and based entirely on how much financial need you have. You must have qualified for a PELL grant first

TEACH GRANT: gives up to $4000 USD a year in grant funding IF you are in an area of study being promoted by the government such as teaching, education, and other subjects. If you do not complete the schooling or change majors, your grant becomes a loan, however.

Institution Grants

Federal grant aid is not the only aid. One of the biggest sources of grants come from you school institution (the bigger the school, the more aid they will likely have). Institutions offer a host of financial aid in the form of both scholarships and grants. And these are ONLY given out to students attending that specific institution and the aid is limited.

I myself received several thousand dollars from the college I attended because a) I was a student of that university and b) I took a rather esoteric course on term (Old English Language) that apparently had a 2000 USD scholarship offered to students who took it while maintaining a high enough GPA.

There may be specific entrance grants given to students with financial need as well. The bottom line is you will need to specifically CHECK with the financial aid office of a school you will be attending or are attending. Some of this grant aid may be automatically given (the school will give it out based on your FAFSA application assessment) or you may have to apply specifically for it. Either way, look into it.

Private Grants

There are non profits, businesses, and other sources of grant aid you can get as well. However, these are not automatic. You will need to actually look for them and apply, often competing with other needy students for this aid. But, they do exist. It’s a good idea to look at your financial aid office for more information about these grants or do a specific web search for them — you should be able to turn up a few possibilities

Note that you will also get access to student loan aid as well with the FAFSA, so you can ad loans on to the amounts.

Non-School Grants (low income assistance, car grants, business grants, etc)

Business Grants and Other

Government grants are also available for other purposes like housing, new business development, entrepreneurs, personal financial aid and many other purposes. Some of the most popular government grants are available in the form of small business grants. Almost everybody might have heard of small business grants because this is the money that is given to small businesses to either start up or to expand their business. deals with these sort of grants. Note though, many of the grants are given to non-profits who are working in areas the government is trying to promote though.

Should you be starting a new business and need a grant, you can look to see what’s available, but again, any sort of grant would only be in certain areas the government wants to promote like alternative energy, community based businesses, and so on. And you will have to put together a solid grant proposal as well. Bottom line is, IT IS NOT EASY!

Low Income Assistance ‘Grants’

There are a raft of low income assistance programs offered by the government to individuals and families that fall under low income criteria. If you are a struggling single dad, you may want to look into this. This is more direct financial assistance and has nothing to do with helping pay for school or anything — more like surviving.

There are more programs out there, but these are some of the main ones. They require you to actually go down to the local office and apply, wait, take an interview, prove your income, and other such things. Additionally, they often take months to get approved for. But if you get this assistance, you can get some considerable help with food costs, rent costs, and the like.

Scholarship Programs for Dads

Ok, here’s the truth, there’s not much out there specifically just for dads. Well there are, but more of the general type of scholarships.

And like all the scholarships, you need to actually apply for them. Unlike grants, scholarships often have a MERIT criteria as well — you need to have high academic achievement and/or assisted the community around you in some way.

We plan to put together a comprehensive scholarships list for dads in the future with direct scholarships names on the list.

In the mean time, you may want to check out’s 50+ Scholarships for Women list. While this list is for women, it should give you a good idea about what sort of scholarships you can apply for yourself, and some of these may have male versions of the scholarship. Note though, in general you’ll find a LOT more aid given to single moms than single father types, which is unfortunate because there are a lot of single dads in need too and this segment is often ignored.

Applying for scholarships

The first part in applying for scholarships are for educational purpose of for any other purpose is to first find a scholarship application. In order to find an application, a person can look at on the Internet or go to a source in the government or any other financial institution and obtain an application from them. Start your search at the federal website.

An internet search for scholarships for dads is the first place to look after you’ve visited the federal website. The internet is a rich source of valuable scholarship information. New scholarship opportunities happen often and the internet is the best place to find out about these new opportunities. Think about any hobbies or skills that you may possess. You may be surprised that scholarship opportunities are available for things as different as people who are left handed.

Before filling the application and submitting it back to the government one should find out the various scholarships that are available for the purpose that he requires. Depending on your course of study, there may be many or few scholarship opportunities.

If a dad is applying for scholarships for dads, he should complete the application and then follow the instructions precisely in order to make sure that there are no mistakes in the application. This will make sure that there are no delays or refusals based on the fact that application was not completed properly.

After submitting the scholarship application, it is important to make sure that you follow up on the application. It is to be noted that if you do not apply for scholarships you will never get a scholarship, unless you are a merit student. If you apply for a scholarship, whether you get it or not, you will not stand to lose anything.

Apply for multiple scholarships

Don’t stop at just one scholarship opportunity. The beauty of applying for scholarships for dads is that you can apply for several. Even if the scholarship amounts are low individually, if you receive more than one of these small scholarships they add up.

Another great thing about applying for multiple scholarships is that you have a better chance of winning one if you spread out your applications. Don’t put all of your hope into one scholarship when you can apply for ten. Many times, scholarships require similar things so once you apply for one it may not take as much effort to apply for others.

Write a great essay

Many scholarships require an essay to be written to accompany the application. If this is the case, you must make sure your essay stands out from all of the others. Your essay, along with your application, is all the committee knows about you. They don’t meet each applicant face to face so this is the way to tell them who you are and why the scholarship money would mean so much to you.

Make sure you tell how the scholarship money will benefit you and your family. If you are a first time college student, make that known. If you are the first person to attend college in your family, it makes a great story to tell in your essay.

Of course, don’t lie or embellish anything. If a scholarship committee were to find out that you lied in your essay or application, you will of course face embarrassment. If you receive the scholarship and it is later found out that you lied, you may face some hardships. For example, you may also be forced to repay the scholarship, have fines, or be faced with criminal charges.

The reason a great essay is important is that the scholarship committee will read and discuss your essay and application. They, of course, want to make the best choice of a student whom they feel is deserving.

More Opportunities — Work From Home

Getting a scholarship (which can be difficult) is not the only way to get funding for school. You might look at a sort of job where you can go to school and work at home in your spare time. Now before you run screaming calling a scam here, there are some legit ways to make some cash online. Mind you, despite what claims you might read saying all you do is put in a little work and you’ll be rolling in dough, these programs do require a lot of hard work on your end. But the good news is if you are willing to commit to this work, then you can make some cash on the side to help pay for school or other bills.

Online Surveys — companies pay you money to take surveys and write product reviews. It’s not a scam (depending on the company). Companies pay marketing firms money to get public opinion on products or to gather consumer opinions. This is where you come in. You basically fill out surveys on products and get paid per survey you fill out. Watch out though, some can be scams as stated and the pay is not so good. — you get paid writing blog posts, articles for websites, or creating product reviews. This is a good way to make some part time money in your spare time. — this is a well known company where you can sell your services for $5 per service. For example, you might write an article for $5, read a script out load on camera for $5, create a video, edit an image, etc. You can sell your online services for $5 and make some cash!

Again, these are NOT the only ways to make money. There are other opportunities (some are skilled positions that require training) like Web Developer, a writer for websites,  nternet Marketing, or Data Entry. The sky is the limit. Working online is not easy and takes some elbow grease on your part, but if you put the effort in, it’s possible.

Benefits of receiving money to go to school

One of the hardest things about going back to school is taking the first step in going back to school. Sometimes, even if a person receives scholarship for college, he or she may be undecided about actually attending college. It is good to keep in mind that a college education or a better degree will put you in a position to get a better job and consequently earn more to be able to provide for the family.

One of the great things about scholarships and government grants is that they are free money and you will never have to pay back. In fact, if there is extra money that is left over after paying fees, you can use it to help you pay your daily bills. Scholarships for dads can really make a difference in the life of you and your family.

Single fathers and single mothers should take advantage of the free money that is given by the government. Government grants are actually money that are free in the sense that they do not have to be paid back but, the person who receives a grant is usually under an obligation to fulfill certain criteria or expectations of the grant giver.

We recommend you check out for more help resources. Although this website caters to single moms looking to get financial help, a lot of the same information applies to single dads.

The bottom line is that in order to get a better job and another to provide a better way of life for the children, higher education is a necessity. And, if finance is the only problem that is stopping the father from getting a higher education, then, it is wise to go out and look for government scholarships and grants. Getting a higher education may be the difference between providing children a lot for your children or not being able to provide much for the children.

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College Grants for Single Fathers

Government grants refers to the money that is available from the government to all citizens of the US. Among these grants, there are several grants allocated for different purposes. There are grants for building houses, there are grants for studying, and there are grants for many other purposes. There are several people who are always looking to get that extra financial help either from the government or from other sources.

Many of these people are usually not aware that they may be qualified to receive government grants. Single fathers have great difficulty in taking care of their own needs and they also have to look after their kids. This usually becomes a problem for single fathers because they have difficulty in finding the money that they need in order to pursue higher education. College grants are available for single fathers from various government sources as well as independent financial institutions.

Where does grant money come from?

Many people do not know where the government gets grants to provide to people as grants. Government grants are essentially taxpayers’ money and every taxpayer or every citizen in the US is eligible to receive government grants if they meet the specified criteria.

Grants for Single Fathers

For single fathers, the government has separate grants that are available to them. Grants for single fathers may include college grants, housing grants, new business grants and many other forms. Just like grants are available for single fathers there are grants for single mothers as well.

In times of a recession like we’re in now, college grants for single fathers come in very handy for people who would like to pursue their higher education. In order to avail of these college grants, the person will need to just apply for one. Anyone can apply for a grant but if you do not fit the criteria, you are wasting your time.

In order to receive a grant, one must fulfill all the criteria that are required for the grant. There may be hundreds of people who are applying for the same grant as a result the chances of receiving the grant reduce. However, if the application is completely filled and all the required fields are filled correctly, then, the chances of receiving the grant considerably increase. If the application is not completely filled or if any part of the application is incorrect, then, there are chances that the application may not be taken further.

There may be so many people who say that receiving grants is very easy and a very simple process. The process is not difficult, but you have to make sure that you do fill out all requirements in order to receive a grant. If you neglect to fulfill a portion of the requirements, your application is not looked at. This is one of the factors as to why people give up and pursuing the college grant or any kind of grant.

There are many single fathers who would like to pursue their higher education in order to support their kids and get better jobs. College grants for single fathers are in place so single fathers may be able to support their families better and provide a better way of life for their kids.