In the old days, people would laugh if you told them that you had a job that you are working from home. But now, in the Internet age, everything is at your fingertips. It is very easy for people to find jobs online. There are different kinds of jobs that are available online if you look carefully.

What jobs can you do from home?

There are a number of jobs, but here are a couple options I know other single dads pursuing.

Online Surveys — companies pay you money to take surveys and write product reviews. It’s not a scam. Companies pay marketing firms money to get public opinion on products or to gather consumer opinions. This is where you come in. You basically fill out surveys on products and get paid per survey you fill out. — you get paid writing blog posts, articles for websites, or creating product reviews. This is a good way to make some part time money in your spare time. — this is a well known company where you can sell your services for $5 per service. For example, you might write an article for $5, read a script out load on camera for $5, create a video, edit an image, etc. You can sell your online services for $5 and make some cash!

Of course, there are PLENTY of other work at home opportunities. You can design webpages (takes schooling though to learn how), work as an internet marketer, a content writer, or many other jobs.

Why work from home?

Working at home has its own advantage. One of the main advantages of working at home is that parents and children get to spend more time together. Although it may not be possible to spend time throughout the day, it is possible for parents to take breaks whenever they please.

Dads are usually hard pressed for time when it comes to their children. Most of these dads usually look for alternative means to earn income. Some of them look for work at home jobs for dads. There are several work at home jobs for dads that are advertised on the Internet. Several of these advertisements may be a scam as well, so be careful when choosing jobs.

It is may very difficult to pick out scams from the real jobs. Some of the legitimate work from home jobs include jobs like article writing, getting paid to read e-mail, getting paid to take surveys, and data entry.

Most of these jobs are real and people can actually make money from them. For working parents, this is a very good alternative if they want to spend more time with their kids. The difficult part about going these jobs is that the parents will have to filter out all the scams and fraud that exists in the Internet. It is very easy for a person to be fooled by an advertisement that says “work at home jobs”.

It may take a while before a person can actually locate a real work at home job for dads. Till then, it’ll be wise the person can hold on to his regular day job. Most of these work at home jobs say that you can earn money overnight. Almost 90% of the time these promises are bogus. There are just marketing gimmicks that are used by people who are trying to make money by scamming people.

There are some people however, who really has made a lot of money. These are just a lucky few. Although work at home jobs for dads may be difficult to find, once they are attained, they can be the best thing that happens to a single parent.

One of the best ways to test if a job that is available online is real or a fraud is to see if they are asking for a joining fee. In most cases when a company asks for a joining fee, the chances are that the company as a scam or a fraud. And if the company does not ask for any fee upon joining, and it is difficult to make money from that job, there are always other opportunities available on the Internet.

One of the main distractions that working at home jobs create is that it is usually difficult or a person to concentrate on his job for extended hours well at home. Other than that, jobs that allow you to work at home are best for a family environment. Work at home jobs for dads offer many benefits and should be considered as a viable way to make money.